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Xiankelai Reishi Cordyceps Poria Jujube Kernel Granules

Enhance immunity. improve sleep quality.

This product is made from ganoderma lucidum extract, cordyceps militaris, jujube kernel extract, poria extract and maltodextrin, xylitol. Immunity enhancing & sleep quality improving effectiveness proved in animal test.
[ Health functions] Enhance immunity. improve sleep quality.
[ Supplement Facts] Crude polysaccharide 1g, total saponin 0.22g. adenosine 3mg per 100g.
[ ingredient] Ganoderma lucidum extract, cordyceps miltaris, jujube kernel extract, poria extract, maltodextrin. xylitol.
[ Usage and dosage] once a day.1bag each time with hot water.
[ Specification]8g/bag

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[ Specification]8g/bag